Our Story

Our Story

The journey so far...

Northwall Gallery came into being in late 2020. You may think opening a new venture in the middle of a global pandemic is an absolutely crazy thing to do, but as the saying goes, if not now, when?

Photography has been a passion for a very long time, and so we've built a gallery full of original photographic wall art prints and canvas wall art that you can buy online. Everything we offer for sale comes from the lens of Mike Hall, based here in Winchester. Read more about Mike here in his bio.

Where did the name Northwall Gallery come from? 

We live and work in Winchester, and as a historic city, there are ancient entrances and gates which name some of the streets. There's a West Gate, a Kings Gate, (both of which you can still visit) and our studio is on Southgate Street. You get the idea. The North Wall of the City existed right by where we live, so it seemed like a good fit. And if you Google Mike Hall, you'll find there are more than a dozen photographers with the same name, so there's that too. We've even registered Northwall Gallery as a trademark in 2021.

Our journey so far has been like any new venture, a learning experience. Learning about web design, search engine optimisation, online marketing, blogging, but what we do know how do do, and do really well is create brilliant prints and look after our customers really well. Have a browse through the gallery and you'll see that shine through.

In the news

We had an unexpected global press story early on. Who would have thought that a wonky Facebook algorithm that led to an advertising ban would have led us featuring on the news all over the world? in February 2021,  Mike was interviewed by the BBC and what started off as a tech story brilliantly written by Zoe Kleinman, ended up as a TV interview for BBC World News. Our photos ended up in the national press, on Jeremy Vine on Channel 5 - we even ended up being written about in Wisden, the bible of cricket! All because Facebook thought that a print we sell of wild cattle (and one of the England Cricket team) were too overtly sexual to sell...read the BBC story here!

Here's what we set out to do though - bring excellent quality, affordable wall art to your home or office. We're confident you'll love staring at your walls just a little bit more once you have some of it on your wall. One of our customers told use recently that our print Split Beach is his window on the world - he works in a windowless studio, and we're thrilled that he chose a big print of the sea to be his view.

We print all our own prints in house up to A2 size, using gallery quality paper and inks, on a Canon Imageprograf-1000. It's a renowned printing system used by professional photographers who are serious about their craft. We also offer canvas prints as a choice for each and every print we sell, which are available at up to A0 size - that's 120 x 85cm, so more than enough for most homes and offices.

Charitable Work

We provide free photographic support for a number of charitable organisations including Blue Apple Theatre, who offer adults with learning disabilities access to the arts. We've produced the photography that sits in their programmes and their website. We also support Hampshire History Trust (of which Mike is a Trustee) and Hampshire Pride as their photographers.  Mike has photographed for all of these organisations for a number of years, and it's something we're really proud of.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our story. We love what we do, we hope you'll love us enough to buy some prints and share some love. Follow us on Twitter on Facebook and on Instagram and feel free to contact us at studio@northwallgallery.com or on the phone at 01962 869739.