Accidental fame and the perils of advertising

This is a cow. A naked cow. In fact, there are two unashamedly naked cows in this photo! So, when we tried adding this image to our Facebook Store, Facebook didn't like it. In fact, it rejected it because it breached their policy on "overtly sexual" images.

As did an office block. As did a picture of the England cricket team. The BBC ran a story on it yesterday, one of the most read stories of the day! And then I did a TV interview for BBC World News last night too. 

And for us, whilst all this extra publicity is undoubtedly welcome, what lies beneath all of this is just the daily hassle of trying to promote our business.

The more serious aspect for us was back in November, the outright ban on running ads at all. That only got resolved this week, and whilst we can't be certain of the sudden change in direction from Facebook, it's also fair to say we are well aware of the power of the fairy wand that a press office can sometimes call into action. In the meantime, trying to build interest and traffic without being able to promote your business over Christmas to a key social media platform undoubtedly has not helped.

So, we'll carry on trying to build interest in what we do. Sooner or later, we'll be out of lockdown, able to travel around and get some more great images. But in the meantime, a plea; Small businesses like ours really need your help. We have some truly beautiful prints for sale, we get great feedback from people who buy from us, so have a laugh at the madness of it all, share the story far and wide, and if you'd like to have some "sexy cows" or anything else from the store for that matter, you know where we are!

You can see the BBC interview here

Stay safe and thanks for all your support.

Mike HallEditor