Colour management - what it is and why it matters


Colour management - what it is and why it matters

One of the hidden aspects of the craft of modern photography is the art of colour management. Orange is orange right? Well, not quite.

Our eyes all perceive colour ever so slightly differently, and there are also a number of environmental factors which affect our colour perception.

The first, most obvious one, is your screen vs. our screen. Every monitor, phone, laptop and tablet is a little different in how it presents colour. The "colour management" matters when editing photographs, especially in colour, so what we see on our screens has to be as close as possible to how the printed image looks.

Say for example, our screen is incorrectly formatted - we may be editing what looks like an amazing image, but when it comes to print, it looks terrible. This can be for a number of reasons, such as we've set the monitor to a warm colour setting, when in fact, we should have measured the colour temperature to be as neutral as possible. If what we perceive as the right colours on screen are different to what comes out on paper, then that's one ruined print. 

So, we regularly check our monitor with a special device and software, called a colorimeter. This calibrates the screen against a known set of colour variables.

We then send off for some test prints against a known printer source, and see how the screen and prints compare and adjust if needed. We do this about once a month. It's the only way to make sure that the images we offer for your home look amazing every time.