2020's Halloween may not be the usual festival of trick or treating, in fact for most people, at some point or another, it's been a Nightmare on Elm Street since March. But in 2015, Halloween was a bright, sunny day, and amazingly, it was 70 degrees. We were down in Dorset as a family, the night before, we'd been to the Abbotsbury Tropical Gardens for Fright Night, where it was raining, cold and wet. And the next morning, it was completely different. 

So we headed down to Hive beach, sat and had an ice cream, watched everyone in shorts and t-shirts as if it was May, and then at the end of the evening, watched the sunset, before we headed off to watch fireworks at West Bay. It was a truly terrific and enjoyable weekend. And so, 5 years later, Halloween Sunset is in our store. It's also 15 years to the day since we moved from our home in Devon to live here in Winchester, so it's a double celebration for us today.

Photography is so often a window on the world, so why not add a little bit of our window into your life?

Stay safe, until next time,

Mike and Mell