Hong Kong wall art prints

Hong Kong is a simply incredible place to photograph. From the hills above the City, the the bustle of central Hong Kong and Kowloon, it really is quite something.

We've added images from our archive from all of those things, so you get a real sense of how the old and the new have come together in this fabulous place.

Choose from street scenes, street art, the view across the bay, the dramatic neon of night, and who can forget the high rise living? Urban living is a particular interest, and we've added some interesting images of high rise living in Hong Kong into this wall art print collection. 

All the prints available for sale are the work of Mike Hall, who holds the Licentiate Distinction from the Royal Photographic society. You can buy any wall art print in the collection as a traditional print, a canvas or as an aluminium print in a wide range of sizes and prices from £15 to £200.