Living Room and Lounge Wall Art Ideas

Living Room and Lounge Wall Art Ideas

We have a terrific collection of wall art to offer, but we think these prints and canvases will look fantastic in any living room or lounge,

Our wall art collection has such a diverse range, that we think you'll find something you'll love for any living space, so we've pulled together some images to suit different home styles from the traditional to the more contemporary.

Featured - 'Into The Mist' print, available in A4 to A1 print sizes

We know that some people like sun rises, some people like mountains, or cities, other people like the sea, so we've included a wide range of choices in this living room and lounge wall art collection.

Experience also tells us that colour matching is so important, so we've chosen some colourful prints as well as some black and white images which will look stunning where ever you choose to display them!

All our prints can be purchased framed or unframed, and our canvases are produced using a wrap effect. You can choose from different sizes from A4 to A1 sizes. If you're not familiar with what those sizes are, here's an easy guide for you:

Our frames are made in the UK of sustainable pine. They're black lacquered and use real glass for A4 and A3 prints. 

All our framed prints from A2 and above use perspex for safety.

For more information on our framed prints, visit our About our prints page

Benched Photographic Print

Benched is a new piece of art for 2021. It was taken in Swanage, Dorset on Easter Monday, 2021. just after 8am. There was no one around, and the still...
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Strolling Canvas Art Print

Strolling Canvas Art Print

A couple take a stroll along Boscombe Pier in April 2019. It's a windy day, and it's the sister shot to the Surfer. The parallel lines are beautifully...
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