Wall art for living rooms

Choosing wall art for your living room is something that takes time to get right, so we've added a selection of prints which will work well. So if you're looking for living room wall art ideas, here's a great place to start.

We know that some people like sun rises, some people like mountains, or cities, other people like the sea, so we've included a wide range of choices in this living room and lounge wall art collection.

Experience also tells us that colour matching is so important, so we've chosen some colourful prints as well as some black and white images which will look stunning where ever you choose to display them! All our prints can be searched by colour - so if you're looking for blue, orange or anything else, just type this in the search bar and voila!

You can buy any wall art print in the collection as a traditional print, a canvas or as an aluminium print in a wide range of sizes and prices from £15 to £200.